3 Top Window Treatments in Columbia to Block Heat
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Block Humidity with These 3 Great Window Treatments in Columbia

As your cooling bills increase in response to hot weather, you could be wondering how you can decrease your house’s cooling expenses. Updating your window treatments is one way you can keep your family cozier all through the summer.

Window treatments don’t merely make your rooms look good. They can also stop energy escapes all year at your windows. About 76% of sunshine that reaches double-pane windows in the summer is converted into heat, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. In the winter, the DOE says your windows can lose about 30% of your heating.

The ideal window treatment can hold more of your AC (and heat) where it goes—inside. Because there’s many solutions out there, partnering with a local window treatment pro from Louver Shop of Columbia is a good place to start.

Our professionals are members of your community, so they understand the climate and kind of weather you’re up against. That gives them the special advantage of helping you locate the ideal solution for your home during a free consultation.

In the meantime, here are our picks for the ideal window treatments in Columbia for diverting warmth.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an excellent way to deflect summertime heat and might even decrease your cooling expenses. For the best energy efficiency, we recommend our LouverWood® plantation shutters.

These exclusive faux wood plantation shutters are crafted from a solid polymer. This maintenance-free material shields against heat up to three times better than wood. And it can withstand high temps and humidity without buckling or blistering.

We make it simple to customize your LouverWood shutters. You select the color, louver size and frame style when we meet for our free consultation. Then we’ll take care of it from there with custom manufacturing and professional installation.

We produce all our plantation shutters here in the United States, so you’ll have them much more quickly. And we guarantee they’ll continue to be attractive for a long time.

Honeycomb Shades

Hunter Douglas Duette Elan Cellular Shades in Great Room 

Our honeycomb shades are included in the most energy-efficient window treatments, especially for big windows. These shades use insulating pockets that capture air to reduce warmth from your windows. Consequently, you could discover your residence stays more comfortable despite a higher thermostat setting.

These cellular shades are available in single-, double- and triple-cell construction. The more cells you choose, the higher the energy efficiency you’ll have.

Duette® honeycomb shades are the highest energy-efficient honeycomb shades you can customize. They’re made with six layers of fabric and five insulating air pockets. And with the LightLock™ system, you can soak up or deflect virtually all incoming warm sunlight.

When you partner with Louver Shop of Columbia, you’ll get the biggest selection of fabric colors and patterns for your personalized shades. Ask your pro for more information about customizing your shades with PowerView® automation. This smart home technology gives you the ability to move or schedule your window coverings with an app on your web-enabled device.

Horizontal Blinds

Modern Everwood Kitchen Blinds 

Horizontal blinds are a reasonably priced way to [[stop|keep out|block summertime warmth. One of our most desired styles, EverWood® horizontal blinds, gives your space the appearance of plantation shutters at an affordable price.

These faux wood blinds are manufactured from polymer, an energy-efficient material that withstands strong sunlight, hot temperatures and high humidity. Polymer also stops distortion, bleaching and discoloration better than all-wood blinds.

EverWood blinds can be customized in many realistic wood finishes, from white to dark brown TruGrain®. They can also be enhanced with de-Light™ to stop more natural light and PowerView to make operating them faster than ever.

Find the Best Window Treatments for Your House with Louver Shop of Columbia

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